The surroundings

Whoever decides to visit Umbria will be impressed by its breathtaking landscapes, its beautiful nature, its harmonious hills covered with olive trees, its colours and perfumes……yes, because in Umbria even the air is full of perfumes!! Visiting Umbria is also an opportunity to see the many art-cities of Central Italy and admire its marvellous art treasures, like churches, palaces, charming medieval hamlets and museums. Near the main art cities, best known for their architecture, for their art and their culture, there are many “minor” medieval hamlets where time seems to have stopped, where one can still live and breathe the history and the authenticity of things long bygone and where the rythmus of life is definitely Slow…. The region has several natural parks among the most important of Italy and a wealth of worth-seeing paleontological and pre-historic sites. An uncontaminated nature and many places of great spirituality where body and soul regenerate themselves and find a perfect harmony. One natural park which is even protected by the European Union is at 2 km from Castello Monticelli.