La Dolce Vita

What makes Castello Monticelli so special?
Are we simply a listed historic building which is part of the Italian National Endowment to be just visited? The answer is NO. Are we a 5-star Hotel? The answer is NO.

Castello Monticelli is  a life style.  If you have a dream of Italy at Monticelli you can make it become reality. You can see the sun rising on our main terrace, prepare you own breakfast with family and friends or you can have the breakfast served by us.

If you like cooking and good food, you can learn to make or more simply just taste fresh handmade noodles made the old-fashioned country way.

If you love Italian wine, we can organise a wine tasting session with different wines produced in  our area. All our guests are have free access to the wine cellars of Castello Montevibiano, which is only 4 km far away, to Cantina di Spina and to the cellar Goretti, which are also very close. At Castello di Montevibiano you can make a nice tour with an electric car of the olive grove and the vineyard and taste right afterward the wine and the oil.

And our nice bar with a view of Perugia is open for you in the evening, just to make acquaintance with our other guests, use our free Wi-Fi or enjoy a glass of good wine or beer. The atmosphere is often not only romantic, but truly European because Castello Monticelli has highly cultivated guests from many European Countries. Sometimes we organise delicious dinners with live music.

Every week we offer a drink and make an historic tour of the castle and its little church with its 1315-19 frescoes. If the owner is on the premises he will organize the tour and tell you something about the long history of Monticelli Castle and the meaning of the frescoes.  
And after all we have a very nice staff who will make your stay as pleasant as possible and will  give you daily the tips and ideas that will make your day more enjoyable.
You may find more of Europe here than in Brussels or Maastricht.

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