2018 MUSIC FESTIVAL: the monday evening concerts at Castello Monticelli

The 2018 music festival of Castello Monticelli was a truly original and a very special event.

The main objective of the festival was to present interesting and highly professional artists to the internal guests of Castello Monticelli and to the public. Of these artists many are young talents and their arrangements are original. An important aspect of the concerts has been to try to combine the suggestive music of the concerts with a full immersion of the public into the wonderful atmosphere of the castle and of the umbrian countryside all around.  

Maestro Masterini's intent was also to give an opportunity to young talents to perform in a region in which the occasions are rare. Many of the chosen young artists come from Umbria. His aim is also to create a perfect combination between high level music and a suggestive place like Monticelli, which points to its thousend year old history and to the beauty of the Umbrian countryside. The strategic location of Monticelli allowed also to create unique high-level musical events for all the tourists who spent some time in Umbria and Tuscany, especially around Lake Trasimeno, Cortona, Perugia and Assisi.          

The music was not the only protagonist because good local wines, typical and often organic local products and the magic atmosphere of Castello Monticelli also played an important role. Before the concerts we offered usually an aperitif and a buffet dinner for only 30 euros. 






Music School of Fiesole - Marina Pellegrino - piano

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