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Monticelli Castle is located approximately 10 kilometers southwest of Perugia’s main railway station, after the hamlets of Pila and San Biagio della Valle. It is 25 minutes by car from the city of Chiusi in Tuscany, which is on the well served railway line Rome-Florence. The nearest medieval hamlet, Castiglione della Valle, is 800 meters away and the airport of Perugia, S. Egidio, is only 30 minutes away by car. The Trasimeno Lake is also nearby at a distance of only 11 kilometers. In all aspects, Monticelli enjoys a well-situated yet private setting.

How to reach us: From the north

If you are arriving from the north, on the Autostrada “del Sole” (A1) take the exit at Valdichiana. Then, continue along the motorway (Superstada) in the direction of Perugia, and take the exit at Torricella which is on the Trasimeno Lake. Continue along the eastern shore of the lake, always following the sign Chiusi, pass the fishermen village of S. Feliciano, until you reach on your left the turn for Mugnano. Pass around the hamlet of Mugnano, following the direction Castiglione della Valle. About 6 km after Mugnano, you will see Castiglione della Valle at your right-hand side. At a cross-road at the bottom of Castiglione della Valle turn left in the direction of Marsciano. About 500 meters after Castiglione della Valle and about 50 meters after a small bridge on a river, you will find on your left a brown sign indicating “Chiesa di S.Paolo e S.Ubaldo in Monticelli”. Take a left and move up the hill. The small hill of Monticelli and its antique buildings at the top are clearly visible from Castiglione della Valle. The parking lot is on the left before you reach the top of the hill.

How to reach us: From Rome and the south

Follow the Autostrada A1 until the exit at Orte, and then take the Superstrada (motorway) E45 in the direction of Terni-Perugia-Cesena. In the proximity of Terni be careful to turn right towards Perugia and Cesena and to continue on the E45 (be careful to avoid entering Terni or to continue for Spoleto and Foligno). About 10 km past the exit for Todi, exit the E45 at Marsciano-Collepepe. Continue in the direction of Marsciano. You will pass through 4 roundabouts. Turn right at the first roundabout and left at the second and again left at the third. At the fourth roundabout turn right in the direction of Cerqueto,Perugia, Spina and Tavernelle. Right after the hamlet of Cerqueto, be careful to take a left in the direction of Spina and Tavernelle and not to follow the sign to “Perugia”. After about 4 km, you will reach a roundabout near Spina. Continue straight in direction of Tavernelle. About 2 km after Spina you will see a brown sign on the right hand side of the road indicating “San Paolo e Sant´Ubaldo in Monticelli”. The parking of Borgo Monticelli is on the left-hand side before you reach the top of the hill.


  • Castello di Monticelli

  • Address: Vocabolo Monticelli, 8/C - 06072 Castiglione della Valle (PG) Italy

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  • Phone: (+39) 075.8787246

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